Buyer Page

Step 1: Create Account with
In order to purchase an engagement ring, make an offer or communicate with a Seller, you’ll need to make an account on It’s really easy to sign up and you can communicate quickly with Sellers as you browse our platform.
Step 2: Communicate with Sellers
These Sellers are eager to sell their items, so if see an item that you connect with we suggest acting quickly. All communication and transactions go safely through our platform, due to this, we provide the insurance from to you as the Buyer. As part of our fraud prevention, Buyers and Sellers may not connect outside of our platform
Step 3: Purchase an Item and Send Payment
Once you purchase an item, the Seller sends that item into our facility where we inspect it to confirm that it’s exactly what the Seller listed. Once that is confirmed, we clean and inspect it, then send it to you. We accept returns within 7 business days of the Buyer receiving an item and the funds will be returned with a small restocking fee.
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