About us

Who you choose to help sell your engagement ring can be just as important as the person buying it.

Most of the time you would find the team behind an engagement ring consignment platform like Twice Loved on some upper floor of an expensive skyscraper in the middle of the Big Apple. They could be closed as fast as they were opened and they have the option to be as accessible as they want to be. You may get that big city style of communication and you’re just hoping that this whole process of selling your engagement ring is as smooth as the platform conveyed that it would be.

The team behind Twice Loved is pretty much the opposite of that description. To start, we’re southerners, located in beautiful Augusta, Georgia, but we also are one the top 5 largest independent jewelry stores in America which happens to be Windsor Fine Jewelers. Windsor was founded in 1975 and has served the area as a leading jeweler with an impeccable reputation regarding fine jewelry. Your engagement ring transaction flows right through us here at Windsor and arrives at our store. We say this because we believe that it’s important for you to know that we’re a very visible, public facing company and we’re not going anywhere.

Windsor has an onsite diamond lab with colorimeters, diamond testers, a DiaScan+, other equipment and certified gemologists to verify an item. If an item is need of a repair, we can offer a rebuild or repair on almost any scenario that we come across regarding an engagement ring. Our store has roughly 7000 engagement rings here within our cases where we size rings and set loose diamonds on a daily basis. Of course we also have three jewelry cleaning facilities within our store and we’ll clean and inspect every transaction that comes through Twice Loved.

Being a local, family owned jewelry store, we’ve had 4 generations our family helping with the day-to-day operations of Windsor. There’s a highly likely chance that you’ll work directly with one of the Thompson family member that can ensure that if there’s any issue, we will have the ability to resolve it. Besides our family, we have a dedicated staff that are incredible at what they do as well as being on the Windsor team for decades.

Windsor has a long history of customer service with a twist of southern hospitality. We also believe that it’s easy to talk big and sell you on why you should use Twice Loved to complete your engagement ring transaction, but we would rather you take a few minutes and look up Windsor Fine Jewelers and see for yourself. Take a look at our reviews, our social presences and even call the store at (706) 738-7777.

Meet the Team

Shane Thompson

Shane has over 30 years experience in the jewelry industry and comes from a long line of family jewelers. 

Maggie Cude

Maggie is the marketing manager for both Twice Loved and Windsor Fine Jewelers. Bringing over a decade of experience.



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